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Our Mission


From the beginning -1962-, our parish has as a mission to open its doors to all people and to be the home of the homeless; the port of the emigrant, the refuge of those seeking peace and the corner to cry tears of pain and hope when being away from the beloved land and loved ones.

Our parish of St. John Bosco wants to be the home, where we all feel like brothers and where there are spaces to live in fraternity, which is an extension and sacrament of the humanity of God, present in our groups, cultivating the human virtues with the strength and the style of Christian charity.

We express faith as a parish in a concrete and existential way, embodying ourselves in our reality, in our culture, trusting in the good will of the men and women with whom we live.

We want our parish not to rely on costly means or influences or privileges, but on the humility of the Gospel and the force of the Spirit.

We want to be a parish that overcomes the binomial priests-laymen or hierarchy-ordinary Christians and lives the reality of community-ministries.

We want to be a parish that is being day by day like the "good Samaritan", caring for those who are "lying on the sidelines".

As a Parish Community, we continue to proclaim our faith, celebrate our salvation and commit ourselves to a more just and fraternal world.

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