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Meet the Pastor

Fr. Yader Centeno

Fr. Yader Centeno

Born in the city of León, Nicaragua on October 4. It is the 4th. of seven brothers.

He completed his Primary and Basic Cycle studies at the Calasanz School and concludes his secondary education at the La Salle School in the same city of León, Nicaragua. 

He begins university studies in Biology at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua in León. He entered the Seminary in 1986 and began his teaching career.

 He studies Philosophy and Theology in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Spain and Rome.

In August 1996, Bishop Román Arrieta Villalobos receives the Order of the Diaconate from the Archbishop of San José, Costa Rica, and on December 20 of that same year, Bishop Bosco Vivas in the Cathedral of León, Nicaragua. Robelo, he is ordained a priest.

He has exercised the priestly ministry in several countries of the Continent and outside of it, carrying out tasks as professor of Philosophy, Spanish, Religion, Pastoral Coordinator, College Director and Superior of a religious Community.

In Madrid, Spain, he began specialization studies in Pastoral Theology.

In 2007 he arrived in Miami as Parish Vicar in the parishes of St. Timothy, Santa Rosa de Lima, Corpus Christi and currently serves as Parish Administrator at St. John Bosco.

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