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Archbishop’s Charities & Development Drive

Archbishop’s Letter

My dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the manifestation of the human and divine love in Jesus Himself. The love of the Sacred Heart is a human love, coming from the heart of one who is really and truly man. It is a sensible love capable of feeling affection and is influenced by it. His is a sympathetic love experiencing all that we suffer. Jesus not only understands all our troubles; He has felt each trouble in His own person.

Devotion is any action in which we freely show ourselves willing to serve God. All true devotion is to be offered out of love- the offering of our talents, our thoughts, our actions, and our sufferings to Him. We offer all these things for His service and the service of His Church. This is the love that we return for the love that we freely receive from God.

Love is not a mere abstraction but a transformative force that finds its fullest expression in action—a selfless and self-giving offering of oneself to God. Love is always an action. In a world where the meaning of life can often feel uncertain, where the needs of our brothers and sisters are vast and diverse and where defending the dignity of every person is a paramount duty, there is a force that can guide us. That force is love.

As disciples, we are all called to look beyond our differences and unite in ways that allow us to demonstrate love in action. We must serve one another by advocating for the sick, needy, and unborn; by showing compassion and patience for one another; by sharing our blessings with those less fortunate; and by forgiving one another like God forgave us. Your support of the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD) is an act of love that can change your life and the lives of others.

Thomas Wenski

This past year, the Archdiocese celebrated 65 years of its unwavering dedication to our faith and service in our community, but our work is not done. As we look to future, we are reminded that we need to act today to make for a better tomorrow. Together, let us unite our efforts, recognizing that the power of transformative love can influence positive change in our world.

In devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I invite you to make a gift to the ABCD today. In so doing, you put your love into action and make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

May God bless you for your selfless love and generosity. May He grant us the grace to be living witnesses of love in action in a world longing for the true and transformative love that flows from the Sacred Heart of our Savior.

With love and gratitude,

Most Rev. Thomas G. Wenski
Archbishop Of Miami

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