3rd Sunday of Advent

December 13, 2020


BE HAPPY, Because the lord is near When we turn to God we get very, very serious. Why is it? In our churches it is not seen well to greet, speak and laugh. In homilies they scold a lot. Our celebrations are often distant, serious, cold. Some are lazy to sing, to smile openly. Even the word "celebration" is a bit strange compared to the "celebrations" we have out there. And we paint God very solemn, Christ patient, angels with stretched faces ... Does God not know how to laugh? Is it that Christ only had to suffer? Is it that he can only be a saint on the basis of renunciations and sacrifices? Is it that pleasure, joy, happiness, are they bad? Is it true that "everything I like is sin or makes you fat?"


But a God who is Love cannot be a sad, angry, bitter God ... He is all heart, and a Heart that loves and provokes love ... has to be happy. When his Spirit arrives and invades us, he makes our whole being vibrate with joy: "Rejoice, full of grace ... because the Spirit will descend on you" ...


Advent is a time that invites us to recover and deepen our joy. I don't remember who wrote that: «Today's man does not seem to be right on the path that leads to a happy life; and Christianity, for its part, fails to present God as a friend of human happiness and a source of healthy and integral life. And also that: "All crimes, all hatreds, all wars, can be reduced to unhappiness."


Especially in this time that we live, it seems that sadness and discouragement surround everything. Well, we can and must find and take advantage of and provoke many SMALL OCCASIONS that rejoice our hearts.


Have a good Sunday, everyone!

P. Yader F. Centeno

Fr. Yader Francisco Centeno Jerez

1349 W. Flagler St. Miami, FL 33135

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