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Fr. Yader Francisco Centeno Jerez



Today God tells us something very important about the sense and significance of our Christian faith. Our faith is not precise and only a doctrine in which what we believe The Word of God is not a doctrine, but a person: Jesus. In him the Word of God and his promises come alive. The son of God becomes our brother and center of our lives. In Jesus, God Father reveals to us who he is: a God who loves, a God who saves, close to His town. Through Jesus, God links us to himself and he links himself to us: fully share our life. Through and with Jesus we can respond to God's love in faithful surrender to God and to one another others. Let's celebrate all this with


God has spoken to us today not with mere promises but in the living person of his own Son. He came as a light that illuminates our darkness.

How could we still remain in the dark? He has us made sons and daughters of God.


Do we actually live as his sons and daughters?

Are we reflecting your light to the brothers? In the midst of the joy of Christmas, let us not forget our beautiful mission: to give Jesus to the world, to our family, to the husband or wife, to the children, is tell those who are closest to us.

A very strong hug and Merry Christmas to all!

Fr. Yader Francisco Centeno Jerez
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