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April 10, Cycle C

Holy Week frontispiece
This day, a Sunday that introduces the celebration of the deepest and most beautiful mysteries of our faith, is like the frontispiece from which we already see the greatness that awaits us in the week that begins.
And that is why the Church, after inviting us to sing acclamations to the Peaceful Messiah and true King, invites us to look at what happened then in a single and wonderful ensemble, so that our ears get used to the music of drama and love. which is the Passion of the Lord.
It is good to hear the Passion all at once in order to understand that it was only One who suffered everything and only One who won everything. It was only One who carried our sins and only One who threw them into the depths of the sea. One alone defeated our enemy, One alone triumphed over death, One alone loved us to the end, One alone gave us forgiveness, peace, grace and life that never ends. Only one: Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.
Let us therefore look with eyes of gratitude and listen with the ears of a disciple to the sublime testimony of this story. There is nothing like it in the pages or writings of this earth. Nothing compares to the height of that forgiveness that, like a waterfall, falls from the Cross to make a new deluge, not of revenge and punishment, but of mercy and grace. Nothing as useful and healthy as this story of redemption, the only one that will be of interest to us when our eyes are closed to the vanities of this earth and have to be opened, for glory or damnation, in eternity.
I invite you, dear friends, to live the solemnity of the Easter Triduum: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, celebrating that we were rescued at a very high price, at the price of the blood of the Son of God.
Have a good Sunday, everyone!

Fr. Yader Francisco Centeno Jerez

Fr. Yader Francisco Centeno Jerez